Interactive Shadow Theater


Bachelorarbeit, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle


Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge, 2nd prize, with Felix Herbst and Alexander Schulze

Verwendete Programme

Unity 3D, Adobe Suite, Blender, vvvv, Intel RealSense Depth Camera


Shadow Theatre is a very traditional form of dramaturgical storytelling. The basic principles of this genre have stayed unchanged for a very long time. The user creates shadows with his hands, which are used by the application to create stunning animals and enables the user to interact with the virtual world. The application aims to connect classical real world performing arts with modern digital technology.


From a stylistic point of view, I'm combining both traditional western and eastern shadow theatre into one beautiful experience.

By forming very simple hand silhouettes the user can invoke mythical shadow creatures, which begin to live a life on their own. Every creature can collect different light colours.

This playful interaction immerses the user to a fabulous world, where he helps a little child to bring his grandmother’s eyesight back. In the end he will be amply rewarded with finding the end of the fascinating fable.

The prototype was developed as Bachelor Degree Project in wintersemester 2013/14. Special thanks to Felix Herbst and Robert Frentzel for technical support.