Transmedia-Abenteuer mit Pop-Up-Buch


Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle


Christin Marczinzik

Verwendete Programme

Unity 3D, Adobe Suite, Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max, C#, Samsung Gear VR


Paper + x is a concept which merges analog pop-up-sceneries with augmented reality to create a transmedial adventure. The book becomes an interactive miniature theatre. When pages are opened, fantastic paper stages will unfold and fill with different actors and requisites.

This is realized by the use of a virtual reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR, in which the Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 will be integrated. Its use makes it possible to dive into the book. The combination of haptical experienced paper as static sceneries with digital replaceable content offers an innovative crossmedia storytelling.


This novel perception gives the book a fresh expression. Single pages are used like theatre stages and show the location for the storyline with its actors. They are used for different episodes within the same story as well as for completely different content. Physical paper mechanics further playfully affect the pages and the story.

On the basis of the children’s story „Der Bartdieb“ by the famous author Martin Baltscheit and Christoph Mett the principle and its benefits are shown as an example.